Philip Hamilton

Leading Our
Families Forward

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Philip Hamilton

Shares Our Concerns

Making Businesses Better

COVID-19 locked our businesses down, putting them at risk for permanent closure. Philip is ready to help our businesses recover with lower sales taxes and lower costs for registering new and existing businesses to get our economy back on its feet.

Keeping Government Small

Local government is restricting our freedoms by closing our businesses and schools. By curbing the emergency powers of the Governor and supporting term limits for federal, state, and local legislators, Philip will focus on preventing government overreach.

Opening Local Schools

The best place for children to learn is in the classroom with the resources that encourage them to grow – that’s why Philip will do what it takes to reopen all public schools to put our students on the path to success.

Protecting the Vulnerable

Philip cares about protecting the right to life that every American is granted. He is prepared to support the parents of stillborn children and pass legislation that would reverse Governor Northam’s stance that lets doctors kill babies after they are born.